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NEW DELHI: American oil producers may find a new friend in India as they brace fora trade war with China that could curb US shipments.


Refiners in China were the top buyers of American crude oil in May, and have been regular importers since the US revived domestic output and exports in recent years. But sales may slow amid a growing trade war between Beijing and the Trump Administration.


If Beijing does impose tariffs on American oil, it could put downward pressure on the price of West Texas Intermediate crude, the US benchmark, and may weaken its spread to Brent oil, the global market standard. That could lure India to take more US crude, Fielden said.


To be sure, most Indian refineries are designed to process heavy, high-sulfur Iranian crude, which has been sanctioned. The bulk of the growth in American supply has been in light, low-sulfur oil produced in shale developments.


“Shale crude is not an alternative to Iranian crude,” Fielden said. “Indian refiners can’t absorb all the US oil that was going to China. They can import more, but can they process it?”



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Aam Aadmi

There are no friends or enemies, only interests.
And the only nation in the world which knows this best is United States of America.




AROP-18 hours ago-Follow

I feel Modi is a professional PM, he knows business tactics so he will strike a good deal for our need of petroleum at reasonable price. We need PM like Modi for many years. Today scammers congress can not troll this because they hiked price of petrol and diesel in karnataka.



manish pujara-18 hours ago-Follow

if India use this trade war opportunity than India can capture most market and strategic position



Manohar-Vadodara-18 hours ago-Follow

In a way it can be beneficial to India.



ekdesi-USA-18 hours ago-Follow

Next to US, China is the largest consumer of oil. So, tariff on US oil will hurt the Chinese consumer more than US sellers.



Gourav Tokas-17 hours ago-Follow

No friend or Foe here. US will sell us till the time they dont get a better offer for their product and we will buy till we dont get a better deal. Thats the truth.



Mitch Dave-17 hours ago-Follow

If US needs to sell oil then India must negotiate a deal. Let buyer have the last word.



ABCDBJP-India-18 hours ago-Follow

once again USA will loot India only and Bhakts will be thinking it a masterstroke while paying high cost



Girish Kamat-17 hours ago-Follow

Why India is compromising its energy security by importing from USA where as our refineries are tuned for Iranian crude. Why can''t we show same courage that Vajpayee showed in face of US sanctions when our interests justified Pokharan II.



Uday-Gujarat-17 hours ago-Follow

US is big trader ! No one is permanent friends or foes for international foxes!



Dubai Guy-17 hours ago-Follow

The best Decision Indian Govt. can take is buying OIL from America. We are TWO GREAT DEMOCRACIES and we VALUE the relationship the two countries have on FREEDOM, EQUALITY, EDUCATION AND DEMOCRACY.



Harsh-14 hours ago-Follow

Our Pappu-Because PM Modi hugged Trump, US has planned and started this trade war now. You see Modi is responsible for sky rockating fuel prices. Dalits, our muslim brothers, farmers every body is suffering because of this hug deplomacy of Modi. I am telling you he will be defeated in 2019.



Vgm-15 hours ago-Follow

modi is a gujarati folks, no one can honey trap him,but he will honey trap usa in supporting jk issue for oil and tackle both paki and chini.even while fighting terrorist in jk ,modi has given clear instructions to army no leg ,shoulder or back injury to terrorist,just one bullet in their head.....so don't worry about NAMO.



Siddharth Sharma-Mumbai-17 hours ago-Follow

In this economy only business is friend.. Business make and break friends at Global level also.



Ginger Guru-Pluto-18 hours ago-Follow

Coconut oil ??

椰子油? ?


ekdesi-USA-14 hours ago-Follow

It is funny to see some muzzles blatantly disagreeing with any comments made against China. Have they become so loyal to their new master?



XXXYYYZZZ-16 hours ago-Follow

Hindu BJP friends have no option but to buy Christian US oil.



Dean-traveller-16 hours ago-Follow

never out your eggs in one basket!! India won't buy all american surplus, . first we don't have the mechanism to refine your crude. second thing USA cannot be trusted. the temperamental regime will abruptly stop exports some day. India will come to stand still if we are to solely dependent on your crude.



Known Unknwon-16 hours ago-Follow

Israel a country of 6 million people allowed emigration of one million Jews from ex soviet republic in between 1991 to 1999. That is 16% of its population in a land area of 22,000 square kilometers. In India, BJP Hindu government did not have guts to pass a bill which will allow Hindus from Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Afghanistan to come to India. India population is 1.3 Billion and the area is 3.3 million square kilometer.



LS rawat-17 hours ago-Follow

America should provide processing technology to India for Shale oil.



Dilip Kumar-17 hours ago-Follow

India must grab this opportunity to import more US oil and modify its processing to low sulfur oil... this is really a windfall for India....



Li-Guangzhou-17 hours ago-Follow

don't expect anything good from US



Rami-17 hours ago-Follow

You don't call them friends. They are known as opportunist who approach you only when you are needed while their government supports them by threatening other not to buy from Iran. Deal with American's as a shrewd businessmen as the Chinese do and not like a chaiwallah out to impress others with a $50,000 suit and hugs.



Azhar Abbas-14 hours ago-Follow

INDIA cannot trust USA policies and America first.They are only a fair weather friend.Iran is our old trusted friend.Jai Hind.



Gentleman-14 hours ago-Follow

This is what happens when the business man becomes a politicians and he heads the Government. Hope this trade war will end soon.



Raj Polapragada-14 hours ago-Follow

it is good to import US Oil as price and quality are suitable to Indian refineries.



Kchoudhury082 Choudhury

US is interested in selling its own oil at its own prices hence sanctions on Iran to grab its market. US is treacherous ! Look through their cunn8ngness and do what is beneficial for India only.



Hari-India-15 hours ago-Follow

it's now obvious that US sanctions on Iran are to increase market share for its own oil.



Viswanathan Iyer-Bangalore-16 hours ago-Follow

All trick of the trade by the US.


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